How can I pass variables from Widget BP to Other BP (e.g. Lvl-BP)?

Hello folks!

I don’t want to sound desperate, but probably I am at the moment.
For a little Project I want the player to be able to change some of the game-settings InGame.
Therefore I created a little UserInterface using Widget-Blueprint (mine is called MyWidgets).

Now I added a little Text Box (TextBox_for_ErrorTolerance) where the player could type in a number which then should change the error tolerance of a float-comparison within the level blueprint (Picture 2).
But for some reason I couldn’t figure it out on how to pass the text - which is stored in MyWidgets - to the level BP, so that it could be used there.
How can I achieve passing variables between WidgetBP and LvlBP? Or in other words, how can I access the Widget-Variables from my Level-Blueprint?

Thanks so much for any help!