How can I pass to SetTimer(..) as `InTimerMethod` parameter an method WITH PARAMETER?

How can I cheat the SetTimer(..) and pass a method WITH PARAMETER as InTimerMethod parameter of SetTimer(..)?
Basically, it’s all.

Below I’ve wrote, what I tried to do, but did not get result:
Actually, SetTimer(..) wants only void f (void)*. I’ve tried to declare void (void) delegate:


Then, tried to call SetTimer(..) like this:

int32 Parameter = 2;
TManager.SetTimer(THandle, this, FMyDelegate::CreateUObject(this, &MyClass::MyMethod, Parameter), 10.f, true, 5.f);

MyMethod is declared like this:

void MyClass::MyMethod(int32 Parameter);

But it looks like, it’s impossible to pass delegate, whereas SetTimer(..) waits for pointer to function.

So I returns to my question: How can I feed the SetTimer(..) with MyMethod (which takes 1 parameter), passing this method as InTimerMethod parameter of SetTimer(..)?

=) It seems, I’ve found a solution of this problem, while I was writting the question - smiply use another overload of SetTimer(..) (2nd, not 4th), which takes namely delegate InDynDelegate parameter).

But I’m still currious: how can I get function ptr form delegate (to be able to call 4th overload of SetTimer(..), which wants function ptr as parameter?