How can i package the cooked loose assets in android apk file?

my project want to package the cooked loose assets in android apk file. when i use ProjectLauncher package the assets. i doesn’t selected Store all content in a single file(UnrealPak), but the result in android platform that also package all assets in a pak file. i doesn’t want to that.and my co-worker found that in ios platform can package loose files. so.i asked that android can do that? or is there a bug? thanks very much.

We always package files in a PAK on Android. This file gets included in the OBB which is either external or embedded in the APK in the assets directory as a PNG to prevent additional compression.

The only case for loose files on Android is for the launch on case; the files are placed in /sdcard/UE4Game/[project name]. This allows for iterative deploy to only need to repush changed files.

If you really want the OBB to contain loose files instead of a PAK you can modify RequiresPak() to return PakType.DontCare for packaging in AndroidPlatform.Automation.cs.

thanks very much. i modified RequiresPak() in AndroidPlatform.Automation.cs and makes the loose cooked assets files in main.obb.png in android apk. but there are some other errors occured when i installed this apk in android device and launch this app. the error is crashed in ICUInternationalization.cpp 119 line.
i gusses this is the directory error. and i feel may be other erros about directory. and i want to ask why UE4 must be use the Pak File in android platform except additional compression.if i keep doing this, will there be a lot of errors? Thanks again.

The paths are possibly wrong since the assumption was use of PAK files which have the paths in their directory that are found so it doesn’t look outside. I think it may be looking for …/…/…/directory instead of ./directory.