How can I package my .so file into apk on android platform?

I have a .so file and call FPlatformProcess::GetDllHandle to import it in my code and launch my project on android device, but an error occurred “could not load library “” needed by, caused by library “” not found”;

I have tried many ways but still have no idea where to put my .so file and package it into my apk.

Please help! Thanks in advance;

I use UE4.7

Anyone who can help me?

I have the same question. Anyone? For UE 4.8?

Hey guys,

I think this could be what you are looking for as far as the location to place things when packaging your project for Android.

Checking what Content will be Cooked

Let me know if you found this documentation helpful, or if you need further assistance.


I don’t think there is an easy way to deploy your .so file within the APK. We ended up to hack the UEAndroidDeploy.cs file to include our (you may find it in 4.9.x, search for ‘libvrapi’). You may just do similar thing.