How can I package a project?


Unreal newbie here, I have a question about packaging a project.
I just made the transition into Archviz with unreal engine and I’m having troubles when I try to package my project.

I made an archviz scene in a First Person game mode, I brought in all the geometry from twinmotion with datasmith and I got (almost) all my textures from Quixel Bridge. The goal was to create “game” where I can walk through the architecture in first person.

Packaging doesn’t work and I’m left with a couple of errors and warning in the output-log (see attached screenshot)
Most errors have to do with:

LogJson: Error:Json Value of type ‘Object’ used as a ‘String’

Mapcheck: Error: WorldSettings_1 Maps need lighting rebuilt

PackagingResults: Error: Visual Studio 2019 must be installed in order to build this target

PackagingResults: Error: Unknown Error

When I check if I have Micorsoft Visual C++ 2019 it seems to be installed tho… (see attachement)

I have literally zero experience with packaging unreal projects and I have no idea what to do about these errors.
So all input is welcome :wink:


You have the redistributables installed. It’s wanting you to have Visual Studio 2019 with the c++ components.

Ok, where do I het this to be installed?

You need it installed on the computer you’re trying to package on.

Visual Studio 2019: Community