How can I Orient a Physics Constraint?

Hi. I have a skeletal mesh with physics bodies and constraints. BUT…for some reason, I can never get the constraint orientations to work. Let me explain what I mean…Take my characters knee joint for example. I can get the joint constrained so it only swings back and forth, not to the side, and doesn’t twist. I can even make it so it only rotates 60 degrees at most. BUT…It rotates 30 back AND 30 forward, which is not at all natural. A normal knee just bends back, not forward. SO, I want my characters knee to bend 60 degrees back, and 0 forward.

And I know that’s possible! If you look at all sorts of characters in the store, for example in the Advanced Locomotion System, the knee constraint does exactly what I’m describing. So I’m comparing MY knee constraint to the ALS knee constraint, and also looking at the physics contraints documentation, and what I notice is, there is an extra line on the constraint in all the models but mine. (Pics Below.) From the documentation: “In the most basic of terms, when a Physics Constraint is limited, you can see a yellow line suspended in a green arc or cone structure.”

How do I get that line? I can’t figure out what is different with my constraint vs. the examples I’ve looked at

You have to hold shift or ctrl…maybe alt…one of them…when you rotate it.

That moves that other dial so you can get more backswing thsn front swing etc

Its fiddly as f…

Thanks so much! It’s alt, by the way.

I cursed at epic all day yesterday on this one. The visual used to be very nice and both the line you highlighted and the one opposite to it were yellow and very visual. They are now absolute horror.

They are supposed to be the indicators of where the orientation currently is within the parameters when simulating - the important bit you Really need to see to place the constraint correctly, and naturally because of a boneheaded design choice (probably made by someone who never used to tool) you can’t see it.

Normally, align the red arrow down along the bone. then Alt rotate to adjust the range. takes a bit of practice.

I have to say after having the displeasure of working with phats properly for the last few days, its defo my most hated tool in the engine :slight_smile: