How can I open doors with lock picks with Blueprints?

How can you with blueprints for example open doors through lockpicking and close doors and windows with wooden plank and nails for example defend yourself from enemy’s and those planks can be broken down by the enemy
Need some help please!

Lock picking is just a matter of setting up a conditional event that once complete executes the door open command. Depends on how complicated you want the lockpicking to be. Either a “Have Lock Pick, Door Opens” mechanic and maybe a Lockpicking Skill which would be as simple as a Bool or two, or some kind of minigame that could be pretty involved.

Breaking down a door could be the same way. Do you want physics to drive the plank breaking or do you want an event that fires when a health bar is depleted or X force has been applied to the door?

The same for putting the plank on the door. It can be simple, or it can be complicated. It all boils down to a series of events that you execute based on conditions that you set.

Thank you for the info :slight_smile: