How can I open a .uasset file in Blender?

I would like to open the SM_HatTemplateRibbon.uasset file in Blender but I can’t figure out how to import it.

You have to export it into something Blender can open. UAssets are UE4-specific files.

Right-click the file in the content browser and go to Asset Actions → Export.


I’m having the same problem, I try exporting it as an OBJ and FBX file but Blender doesn’t seem o show them when looking for them in Blender

You have to File → Import the FBX into Blender, not File → Open.

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Just because it wasn’t clear at all.

  1. Open any scene in Unreal Engine
  2. From your content drawer drag in the uasset in question into your scene
  3. Select the object in the scene (and only the object).
  4. Choose File > Export Selected > Choose where you want to save the FBX. Make your life easy and just put in downloads or documents on your computer.

You can now go into blender and IMPORT the file you just saved.