How can i open a menu when clicking on a static mesh?

Hello, i’m ,
For a few days i’ve been trying to link a widget menu with a static mesh, like a onclicked menu. But after composing on editor, nothing happens. It is a top view walkthrough of terrains. My intention is to show some informations of the terrain when it is clicked. But i don’t know if i need to overlap my character on a trigger box, which is invisible now (because i don’t want to show him) Or i can use a colision box inside blueprint. Does anyone know something that can help me?
Thank you!

Good tutorial that does exactly what you want.

Yeah, i tried that, but i still can’t make the widget show after overlapping and clicking on the mesh. Tried to open when overlapped the trigger, still not sorked, tried to create anotherblueprint… not worked too… i’ve taken some screenshots, hope hey can illustrate my frustration… :slight_smile:

Did you watch the whole tutorial? I am on my phone so I can’t see big images but I can already see parts you are missing that he covers in that tutorial

Does your StaticMesh have collision?

I explain in the video that if your SM doesnt have collision then Click Events wont be registered.

Also unless you edited the PlayerController yourself. Your not enabling it to ShowMouseCursor.

Yes, simple box colision, i even deleted and created another one. The Mesh has colision, because i tested to change material when overlapped. I also set to show the mouse cursor…

I noticed your SetPositionInViewport is setting to 0,0

Is this intended? Im not sure but if you have your Widget elements not placed correctly it might cause them to appear off screen. I cant confirm this though so perhaps try changing your SetPositionInViewport to the Mouse Location like in the Video Tutorial.

Hello DevilsD,
I’ve changed my game mode to a RTS game mode. Is there an option to se an onclicked mouse event on the mesh? without needing to overlap the triggger?

Found it! i’ve added an event onbegincursoroverlap, but nothing happens, i think i will try creating another blueprint just for testing, and then see what’s going on. Maybe do the same door that you’ve made DevilsD

If i have trouble trying to get something to work, i usually create a brand new Project and recreate that particular setup im trying to achieve just to make sure that in a fresh environment that it actually does work.

Maybe you have just missed something small, if none of your Events are calling then to me it points to collision or your Actor isnt set to receive Events.