How can I open a backup or autosaved with unreal turned off?

Hey folks! Unreal crashed and I can’t open again a finished project. Program crashes everytime I try to open it. I can open another works without problem.
I recibe the following message: “Assertion failed: InPoss <= Size File: \Build++UE4\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime…”

I hope you can help me.


i’m not sure how a pro might approach this… but i would clone my project, and go into the documents>unreal projects>(the cloned project)>backup… and look for a .umap or something that you think might have caused the problem… and replace the old umap with the backup (in the clone), till you find one that works…

i don’t really know what the ‘assertion failed’ stuff means… but many times i’ve just copied and pasted uassets (in contents) from one folder to another in a new project… maybe someone who knows what they are doing can help (smile), i’m just a hobby guy… good luck, hope you get it open

Thank you Northstar, this sound like a good idea.