How can I not consume modifier keys in the GetKeyDown override function widget?

I have a 3D widget which open a PDF in a webBrowser, I use PDFjs to visualice the PDF, and with the widget interacction component I can interact with it. PDFjs has shortcuts to do differents fuctions, like rotate the PDF, go to the next page…, I don’t want to use this shortcuts directly, i want to call this shortcuts in buttons inside the widget, so, when I press a button, I send this key to the widget with the “Press Button” node.

This works perfectly. The problem comes when I try to send a modifier keys (ctrl, shift, alt), because the shortcut to open a new pdf is ctrl+O, but I don’t want to consume the ctrl key until the O key arrives. In the widget, I manage to the keys with “OnPreviewKeyDown” override function and seems to work well, but the I can’t do the shortcut with this way. I send both keys in a row, so I don’t know how to solve this.

I hope you understand the problem, and can help me

Thank you