How can I move transform widget while in side, top, or front view?

I know that while you’re in perspective mode, you have ability to relocate transform widget with middle mouse-button. Is it possible to relocate transform widget while in top, side, or front view? Or to always have widget on screen, even when you zoom in? When I zoom in, widget always likes to place itself in exact wrong corner, making minute adjustments very difficult. So, is it possible to move transform widget while in side, top, or front view? OR is it possible to set widget to dynamically adjust, so it is always visible on your screen, despite how zoomed in you are?

Thanks for help

Is there any possible way to do this? It would be very beneficial for transforming items with great precision while in side, front, or top view.

Hey ,

In Orthographic views, you can adjust position of an Actor’s Widget by holding Alt and Middle-Clicking position of Actor you want to move it to. Just as with Perspective view, however, this is a temporary change and will reset Widget’s location when clicking off and then back onto Actor.

When zooming in and out, Widget should maintain same size and position on Actor regardless of zoom level. Zooming in Orthographic views always focuses center of viewport to your cursor location by default. You can change this in Edit > Editor Preferences > Viewports > Orthographic Zoom to Cursor Position.

Hope that helps!