How can I move the my character camera component to face another BP?

I have a screen in a game that when you walk up to if like to the camera for the my character BP (first person template) to move forward and set at a point where only this screen Is in view.

There will be more than one screen on the map…
Can someone explain how I do something such as this? I figured I’d get a box trigger in the BP of the screen that casts my character and then play with camera component that way but…how do I get the camera to do what I need it to do

Does anyone have any idea how to walk me through something like this?? I’m still at a loss.

So you want like a zoom in to screen and when that is doen you wan to switch to that camera?

Yes that that is exactly correct. How would I go about that?

or maybe has there a little easier way to do this? i really need a starting point.

Maybe that help

Zoom Camera