How can i move the ball with the character?

I make a football game and i have a problem.

If is the character in the near of the ball, then the ball should go on with the character like the FIFA game from EA Sports. How can i make this?

I work with EventTick in the ThirdPersonCharacter and have a Ball Reference. Is this the right way?

MoveComponentTo or SetWorldLocationAndRotation are working, but how can i set the location and the rotation of the ball in front of the character, if he has the Ball? I think i need the location and rotation of the character and add a number.

Thank your for help.

You could get the forward vector of the character and from that vector add a float value to however far in front of the character you need it to be.

It works only for the first time, then the ball falls through the floor. The ball does not move with the character.

Here is a picture of my blueprint.

Ok i found the solution. Thank you for the help.

Here the solution for other people with the same problem.