How can I move my particle emitter with a static mesh?

Simple question. I have a static mesh that im moving with a timline via box trigger. Works fine. I also have a particle affect that id like to move along with the mesh. Unfortunately I cant seem to find a way to make the particle system movable like I can the mesh. I could use a seperate timline and trigger and everything if I could make it movable. Is it possible to move particle systems? If so how?
Im using blueprints.

You can just get the mesh location and drive your particle system movement with that.


You can use spawnEmitter Attached, or if you use a timeline and a Lerp, you can interpolate between two sets of vectors and set the particle systems world location this way.

A particle system, added to your BP as a component is able to move just the same as your mesh.

How can I add the particle system I have to the mesh as a component in the BP?

Never mind sorry that won’t work…I need the emitter to be destroyed at a different time than the mesh… I’m a little confused on how you get got GetWolrdLocation…I can’t seem to find it…
And it seems your timeline has a float…when I’m using a vector…I could be wrong but "I’m not getting the same setup.

I have the particle system in front of my mesh the size and the placement I want. . I just need it to move with the mesh for a while…then be destroyed as the mesh keeps moving.

I think this solution might work. I dont see any floats in that blue print.

You add the emitter by dragging it into the component list.

I am using a float track which changes between 0,1 over a second to drive the linear interpolate between two sets of vectors. (See where Move is plugged into the Alpha of the Lerp?) When the timeline is 0 the vector value will be 0,0,80 as defined in the top entry of the vector lerp, when it reaches 1 the value will be 250,0,80.

by dragging of the static mesh component and typing getworldlocation you can drop the get world location node, and drive your Particles world location relative to the static mesh.

Use a deactivate on your PS when it reaches the distance you desire to shut it off.