how can i move inside my mobile VR apartment using the VR controller

Hi guys ,

After successfully being able to deploy the VR project to my android mobile i have connected my VR blue tooth controller to my mobile to use it to move around but actually nothing happened , do i need to add something to the unreal project like a bluebrint or something to get the controller to work inside the VR ???


What controller are you trying to use? If it isn’t a basic gamepad then it’s not likely to have support in UE4.

it came with the VR box i believe its a copy of something original , but assuming if i want to buy something that can help me achieve the basic movement inside the VR model which do u recommend , i also have an xbox wireless controller is it supported ???

I know a guy who managed to make it work but I haven’t asked how. Probably need blueprint or coding. I’ll send him a poke for you!

Thanks mate appreciate it :slight_smile:

I think you just need to get a mobile gamepad

Just use a supported controller (so test out other games out of the Play Store) and if that works, it should work on your phone as well. If you ever want to do this for iPhone, keep in mind that you need an MFi controller instead of a normal one.

I was surprised when it worked on samsung S7 without any adjustments just a blue tooth add and worked fine inside the VR and it was really good , so i guess its related to the android platform it didnt work with mate 7 even it have an android 6.0 dont know what exactly is missing but worked fine with the samsumng s7

Glad you made it work. The guy I spoke to about your issue just told me that ''Default Unreal character should work with any controller. ‘’ It’s pretty vague but at least you got it working!

sorry to hijack but if i were to start making a little walkthrough in UE4 and oculus gear VR will this controller allow for movement and click/tap function by default?

I’m looking for a controller thats a little less gamey and one handed, like the google daydream view controller. Unfortunately my S7 is not daydream ready… so i’m sticking with my gear VR for now.

am sure it will work , the one i have tested was very cheap in material and finish but did the job , the main thing is to make sure that the motion controller is active in ur project , easy way to do that is by using a first person controller setup scene from unreal engine , if ur mobile is s7 it will work fine as i have the same , but on huawei it didnt work i dont know why , good luck

did anyone find a way yo use VR Box Controller for an unreal engine game on mobile ?
this one specifically