How can I move folders/files?

I tried asking this question in the past and didn’t get much response. Or rather, the responses were dull; just a quick write off. So I’m gonna try this again (now that it is relevant again in my project). I am ocd about a lot of things. Particularly, Folder/File names and locations. So please, keep that in mind.

I’ve bought a few products in the marketplace. That being said, creating a project based off a marketplace template followed by migrating vault assets has been really frustrating for me. I can’t change folder names, asset names, folder/file locations, etc. Every time something happens. “Bad image”, “Could not be found”, etc etc etc. Sometimes it even creates a random blank level then when I test it or reload the project, or sometimes just instantly, project wont work. I don’t understand this one bit. I at MINIMUM want to be able to move/rename FOLDERS. Yes, I tried moving folders in explorer. Same thing, no difference (yet that seems to be what everyone says to do). This only works with textures/materials or anything really that hasn’t been applied to anything, but anything that has a reference to it messes up. One example I moved an modular blueprint. After, when trying to place it, it asked if I wanted to delete it. Regardless of which two answers I chose, same result. I shouldn’t have to carefully execute where my stuff is every step of the way in the project (as this is entirely unrealistic in a constant edit). Help me?