How Can I Move/Animate static meshes within a Blueprint?

Let’s say I have a Blueprint that contains two static meshes. One is a glass jar, and the other is a lid for the jar. My goal is to have a button on screen that you can click and it will move the lid on and off the jar.

I was told the way to make it look best is to some how animate it with keyframes but I can’t seem to do it with an animation BP. I can add pictures and such for assistance.

So assume the Blueprint is called JarBP. This will be the closed jar. I have tried making a second BP called OpenJar with the lid static mesh moved to another location so that it appears the jar is open. How an I make it where when you click the on screen button, the lid will literally pick up and be placed on the jar and vice versa. I tried switching visibility between the two BPs, and I tried literally having it moved the static move via SetActorLocation and all. Please help me set this up right.

You can try out the new sequencer which is getting better and better:

Under animation create a level sequence, open it, then right click on the lid, and press record in sequencer.move it after the countdown, and press the stop button. You’ll create a track. Double click on the red track in the sequencer to finetune it

I was about to attempt this but I realized I can’t. The lid and jar would be components in the JarBP. So I can’t record the actual lid moving without moving the entire BP. Is there a way around this or will I have to deconstruct the BP and place the actual components into the level? This isn’t bad for just the jar and lid if so, but for more intricate items, it would become quite the hassle.

@Felix Leonhart

Hmmm, to handle it like that I would make the jar as a skeletal mesh with a root bone and lid bone, made the animation in blender and with blueprints attached the lid to the lid bone that is animated. That way I would be able to detach the lid at any time.

And after that you could tweak the animation in ue4 to suit you.