How can I move a items from a inventory to other. (inventory to safe inventory)

hi guys , I created the basic inventory of EU 4. I implemented an inventory type safe . I would like to know how to transfer an object from inventory to safe .

I want to implement the system is to transfer the selept object through a sub- menu containing a button directly to the safe transfer. Want to know which settings need to implement it. Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

Make your safe another class, transfer all items from player character inventory into safe class.

It depends on how you have everything set up. Assuming the player’s inventory is an array of objects and the safe is an array of objects, here’s what you want to do:

When you press the ‘Guardar en el safe’ button, do a check to make sure the safe’s inventory exists using an IsValid node (to prevent things like duplicate items or items disappearing). Now check to make sure the safe is not full. If it is not, remove the item from the player’s inventory and add to the safe’s inventory.

If this doesn’t work, post some screenshots of your blueprint graphs so we know how you set everything up.