How can i modify the param name in EQS node

It’s EQS Node details panel。And i found the definition in source code.

I think it’s a bug.

I think the param name is specified in the env query. You should be able to change it from there

yes,in the env query i can set param name, but where to set the param value.

From what I can see from your screenshot, that is a behaviour tree which is running an EQS and that param has been set so that its value can be decided from the BT task. Is that correct?
In this case, you can set the desired value from the BT task directly, through the “value” field or through the blackboard “BBKey” field.
If you want that parameter to be the same every time the query is executed, you have to remove the binding from the env query and that should allow you to set the parameter.
Is this what you wanted to know?

Your description is right.My problem is I cann’t set a name to binding the value.

I understand. Could you post an image of the env query and the parameter you’d like to change?

This is a UBTTask_RunEQSQuery node’s detail panel.I set the param value in the task, so i can ues it in the EQS query.

I’m not in the company .So i cann’t give you an image.

No worries.
So, as far as I know, this is how you set a parameter to allow the BTs to change it:

  1. Set “DataBinding” to “QueryParams”
  2. Set the name in “ParamName”

Like so:

After that, you just need to set up the BT to provide the desired value. Once you select the EnvQuery, the BT will automatically allow you to change the values of the parameters. Not the names though, just the values, because the BT will provide an entry for each parameter with DataBinding set as QueryParams and you can only change the names from the EnvQuery.
You have two ways to set the value of a param:

  1. Directly writing the desired value into the “Value” field
  2. Setting the value into the blackboard and specifying the name of the where the value is into the “BBKey” field

Like so:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks :100: