How can i Migrate or 'Redo' the Pawn from ShooterGame Example in my blueprint game?

**I have posted this on the answerhub, however have not got any reply`s, hoping somebody may be able to help! Thanks in advanced.

So i really would like to use the Default Pawn from the shooter game example as my character in my game project. What i would like is to have a pawn that i can view in both 1st and 3rd person. Currently what i am doing at the moment is just using the 1st person template game, and in the character blueprint just adding a second skeletal mesh with the 3rd person mesh that i had migrated successfully from the 3rd person template game. So now i have something like this…

Which is ok to some degree because i will be changing it anyway in the future, however i would much prefer to use the one skeletal mesh from ‘ShooterGame’ (Which i will still change in the future as well when i have learned more).

I have tried to just simply ‘Migrate’ the pawn from ‘ShooterGame’, it included all the needed assets (i think) in order for it to work, however i keep on getting errors in the animation side of my character. These are the errors i am getting in my animation blueprint…

I have read that i probably should expect errors because just simply migrating wont work as a lot of the project in C++ and there would be problems with Parent classes and other things (unsure about this).

I have seen some people achieve what i would like to, with the shootergame pawn in their own project, but i just cant seem to figure it out. I am sure i am doing something horribly wrong.

If Migrating assets across wont work, then is there anyway that i could possibly ‘Re-Do’ the work in C++ from the ShooterGame example in a blueprint form in my own project? I don`t need it to be overly complicated, but i would like to have the mesh, animations and gun working if possible just from blueprints. I think i know how i can achieve the guns shooting using line traces, i am a bit unsure about the recoil, and other things such as Aim Down sight and the muzzle flash.

I have also considered just cloning the shooter game example and deleting the things i do not need, and leaving just the pawn and things i need, however i thought maybe it might not be the best as i don`t know if having part of my character in C++ and Blueprints is a good idea.

***After some more attempts and researching, in order to get the assets like the ‘Pawn’ from shootergame working in my project, i need to copy over some of the c++ files, i have tried this however could not get it to work and got a few errors…

Is there anyway that i can somehow get preferably get this pawn setup in my project with the weapons and recoil… if not, can i recreate it in blueprint?***

Sorry for posting this on both sites. Thanks for any help!

So unfortunately, you can’t just migrate a code project to a blueprint project, since those function mentioned or used in ShooterGame example will not be found in your project.
You’d have to setup your project as say FirstPerson template Code, instead of Blueprint for the copy C++ files to work.

Now, since you already like to base off ShooterGame example, what stops you from just inheriting from it?
The whole purpose of that example is there for people to derived from it, as long as it matches the current engine version, you are good to go.
You can try not to even compile it and just do things in blueprint afterward, like create your own gamemode, change the mesh, etc.

If you just want to learn how to create that Pawn from a FPS template Blueprint, then it’s totally legit.
Aside from replication setup, I can’t see why it’s not possible to do a setup similar to what ShooterGame already did in blueprints only.
If you create a Character pawn and started from that, you can mimic FPS pawn in shooter game for sure.

Here is a video I did a while ago to show animation montage replication.
But as you can see it uses FPS template( FP view is blue hand, while TP view is Owen.)

Thanks for the response.
I have tried the process using the ‘Code FPS Template’ instead of the blueprint, however still could not get it working. I am not quite sure what you mean about inheriting from ShooterGame example, sorry. I will try this time instead of just copying files over, but try to redo them in blueprints, as of the moment i only really want the Skeletal mesh and its animations added with a blueprint character class, however i believe that i will still get those errors in the AnimationBlueprint again. Thanks again.

Hey Lawrie,

As PenguinTD says, it’s entirly possible to ‘redo’ (like u said :p) the shooter character in your game inside blueprints only without shootergame functionality. You can just migrate the character (Skeleton + animations + Mesh) and DIY the animBlueprint, the ‘code’ blueprint etc. with a light version of it :slight_smile: !

Bonus : Some functions from c++ are called and implemented in AnimBlueprint, so if you migrate it and have a lot of errors in it, just do some cleaning and it will be ok !

Ah that makes sense as to why i was getting those AnimationBlueprint errors, i am going to try migrating the character as you said and make some changes to the AninBlueprint, hopefully i can get it sorted.

Thanks very much!