How can I match Max Walk Speed with animation

Im trying to achive a natural movement without feet sliding. I’ve been trying many different ways but none works then i decided to make my own animation but i can’t figure out how to get the perfect number from the animation to plug in Max Walk Speed so that way there is no foot sliding or if there is a way to set MaxWalkSpeed to the animation play rate. Reference video Ue4 Locomotion System Progress #2 - YouTube from this video the only thing i want to know is how he got the animation to walk at the correct speed with out foot sliding also you can see he bumps up the speed and the animation syncs with it.

and my username is acually dandezign lol idk how i missed the ‘n’ when i created this account. XD

Root motion is a great way to avoid any foot sliding, since the capsule movement matches the intended animation.

Correct but i want to avoid any restriction on a networked project plus root motion is a bit complex for my level of knowledge.