How can I make wrinkles for clothing/skin?


I’ve tried so many types but still no luck, does anyone know how to achieve this effect that is used on most games now days ?

The most obvious ones ( I tried my best to find ones that use Unreal Engine but sadly I only found 1 game and the others are just examples that I would like to achieve in this engine )

so the one that uses this engine is “Gears of War Ultimate Edition” ( remastered )

the face wrinkles can be found at 2:07 of that video

Uncharted 4 is probably the game that makes the most use of this effect but these guys are TOO good so I’m obviously not going to achieve it as perfect as this since I don’t have a 3D scanning software or any experience with them ( if you know of one just reply the name and how much it costs… I have a 4K camera )

Assassins Creed Syndicate uses this effect too and this one doesn’t look as advanced as the Naughty dog… ( these are examples of what I mean )

And lastly :

The Last of Us 2 which looks incredible but as I said, I want to achieve something close, not perfect...

To get this kind of effect you would normally sculpt the wrinkles on a high poly model in zbrush or blender and then bake them to a normal map that you can include in your material in UE4 that gets used on your low poly mesh. If you search on youtube you can find tutorials showing how to do this in blender.

Thanks for the answer !
I"ll try this method