How can I make Turret Spawnned Actor Projectile Restart level upon Pawn Collision

I have made a blueprint for a turret which finds the pawns location, checks its distance and fire a spawned projectile at it constantly towards the player pawn whenever its in range, the projectile will sometimes hit the pawn or sometimes miss whether iv moved out of the way or not, Im not having problems with it actually hitting the pawn but infact trying to figure out what to add to the blueprints to make it restart the level whenever the player pawn collides/ is onhit with the projectile, Iv tried many different things but I just cant get the option for ‘onhit’ / ‘oncollision’ either :S they wont let me click on it in the blueprint whenever i right click.

Here i have linked my Projectile blueprint which spawns from the turret and the firing weapons part of the turret blueprint ‘there is more to the turret blueprint such as rotate to find player pawn etc but i guess that isnt relevant’

help would be very much appreciated as iv been struggling with this for a while now :frowning: just keep running into problem after problem

Iv tried attaching the player pawn off the event hit but it doesnt let me do it, is there someway to make it so that the event hit only applies to the player pawn and not everything in the game world, or possibly do 2 event hits so that one makes the projectiles explode when it hits everything and the other restart level upon hitting the player pawn

still trying to figure out how to do this :S cant get my head around it at all