How can i make this?

i have googled around so much and there is only outdated plugins and projects that was made ages ago :confused: anybody that can tell me how to achive something like this? mostly the destructible voxels

I don’t see why you couldn’t simply assemble static meshes/instances static meshes. Destruction would just involve a collision check, or preferably (To have no per-mesh collision) math functions to calculate which blocks are in range of a sphere collision area, and remove them as needed.

wont that take a lot of preformance in blueprints to have static meshes? 1000 of them? i think it will lag horse **** :confused:

They used Cubiquity for this game, however as far as I remember support by developer has ended in 2015. I found this thread with 4.14 port made by users, but I’ve not tested it. I think it’s a good starting point

alright ill check it out and comeback with results :slight_smile:

seams like its only crashing :confused: gives me no information either

Not if you know what you are doing. Proper usage of instanced static meshes would run fine as demoed in the video.

how would one start working on it :3 i have tried but mine lags in the engine i have tested around [width, width, height] 200x200x2 and it lagged balls :3