How can i make this more efficient? (Camera Zooming)

Have you tried this?

Hello, i have a Top-Down Project and
i did search a bit on the internet and watched few tutorials and once i found out that you can set input controlls in the “Project Settings > Input” and i wanted to make the blueprint a bit “smaller” and more efficien.

It works good with WSAD controlls but it doesn’t work with this CameraZooming, i tried few things but nothing worked.

My Problems:

  1. I don’t know how to make the
    “Project Setting > Input” work with
    that camera zooming.

  2. I want also rotate the camera around
    my character with “Gamepad Right
    Thumbstick R+L” and the same should
    work also on the mouse moving it
    right and left (no clicking)

I’m a total beginner and blueprints arent that easy for me it took me 2-3h to make WSAD and that zooming work :x