How can I make this kind of material?

Can someone explain how to make this dirty effect on the reflexive surface? Maybe there’s some tutorial?

This is a good option

A more controlled way is the use of decals.

There are also a few marketplace options for creating that wet look

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I would recommend to watch some YT tuts regarding “PBR” and UE… Its actually very simple to generate these “effects”… (super simple…Go to Photoshop, create your self a random grunge black and White map and Mix it with your roughness and or metallic inputs of your mat, lerp/multiply/subtract and so on)… Better… Use something Like Adobe painter for texturing…
For this, there are tons of Tutorials on YT… And yes, actually, decals are also good for that stuff

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As panPvonB mentioned you can replicate this through your roughness map. Feed your black/white map into the Alpha of a Lerp and scalar parameters into the A and B inputs. Plug that into the materials Roughness input. Set your Metallic to .9 or 1 depending on your preference, make an instance of the material and then play around with the values of the aforementioned scalar parameters until you get your desired look. It’s pretty simple in all honesty. =)


Thank you, kind people! :slight_smile:

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Happy to help! I went ahead and threw together a quick mat to give you a visual demonstration. =)

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Oh, nice! Thanks a lot!

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