How can I make the Third Person Character control like the First Person Character?

Part of my game involves a character with a bow and arrow. The game is a Third Person game, so I’ve used the third person template as a base. When my character aims his bow, I’m not happy with the way things control. I want the character to control like a first person character when aiming his bow, but it seems difficult to join the third person and first person characters together as they respond entirely differently to the default blueprint code driving their movements.

Just wondering if anybody can help me out?
Has anybody else had any luck getting a third person character to control like a first person character?

Hey guys, just figured this out actually.

  1. Disable the default Third Person controls in the Third Person Character
  2. Copy the default controls for the First Person character into the Third Person character.
  3. Go into your Third Person Character’s ‘CharacterMovement’ and untick the box that says ‘Orient Rotation to Movement’ (Under ‘Character Movement General Settings’)
  4. Put this blueprint into your Third Person Character:

And that’s it!
There’s always one little tick box that’s ruining your life haha.

Worked amazingly now on to fixing the animations XD

That’s awesome, thanks bro