How can I make the game look the same on all devices?


I’m currently trying to get the same look across all devices.

I’m using a static camera actor and try to make a puzzle game that should have the field in the middle (and almost completely fill the height) and information at the sides, how can I achieve that? Tried a few things but I almost end up having a lot of additional space above and below the field when I’m launching it on my tablet/phone

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You need to change cameras FOV (or arm distance) so it zooms in to desired size.

You have lots of settings.

What do you mean by “all devices”? What are your targets? It will never look the same on a PC and a Smartphone (well, it can look the same but you don’t want that).

LOD’s & quality settings come to mind first. But it seems I might have misunderstood the question when I look to what Nawrot said.

Yes, that was what I’ve been looking for, I had worked out a similar approach by scaling everything accordingly but this is much easier, thank you.