How can i make the fall animation like in pubg

hay there iam working on a battle royale game and y
I got stuck at a point that when my player jumps from plane it usese jump animation that i doesn’t wanted i want is that it use another animation for skydiving and another for jump

how about using an initial animation like the paragon assets or you could add a new state based on a variable. basically create a variable in the animation graph called first fall and have a transition based on is falling and the variable, then when you land set the variable to false so that the next time your falling it uses the jump animation. seems like it would work but i dont have time to test at the moment.

thanks i will test this out then if i have any doubts i will reply to this message and if you get time plz just screen shot what you said so i can understand more clearly

ok i got something to work though it may not be the 100% correct way to do things. as you will see in the picture below i created a new anim state called first fall, a variable NewVar_0, and added a bit to the event graph. ill start with the variable, its a basic bool with its default value set to true. next the new state, the transition rule to enter the new state is based on the IsInAir? variable and the new variable i create (see top right of picture). i also changed the priority of this new state to be higher than the standard jump (a lower number for this is higher priority). the last thing to do was to make it so this anim only plays at the start of the game and not every time you are in the air. this is done with the little bit of script i added in the event graph which basically sets the newVar to false once the IsInAir? is set to false the first time. this part could use some tweaking to make it more performant and elegant but for proof of concept itll do.

so basic idea here is have a state thats higher priority and that can only be entered once.

thank you i will test this out on my project and then tell you wats the result