How can I make the character sit in vehicle/rotate with object?

I made something which rotates but when the player stands on the object the camera doesn’t rotate with the object, it just stays stationary.


How can I fix this?

I would like the character to sit down/be locked in position only able to look around relatively to the object.

just a thought try doing this for a sitting thing, make it to were if he gets over lapped by this box thing on the thing you want him to sit on, and then when he clicks e: he does a anim, and then the player you are player: add a bool name it issitting? make it to were if its true you cant move, then make it to were the player turns invisable, and a new him siting on the chair turns visable and when you press e you do a anim and then the one on the chair turns invisable and the real one turns visable?

The sitting animation isn’t an issue, the rotation is a bigger problem at the moment.

I fixed it by setting Ignore base rotation to false.