How can I make the character mesh hear, not the camera?

In the third person blueprint I put an ambient sound and I thought it was acting funny. Then I found out that I only heard it when my camera was near it and not the character. When I am in the sounds radius, it will sound fine but sometimes when I move the camera around the player the sound will cut in and out because the camera is leaving the radius. How can I make it so the character mesh hears the sounds instead of the camera?

Many options, easy way is to create an own attenuation setting and increase radius so that rot cam always is inside.
Or a bit more work…
Drag and drop the cue into component BP panel, set it to autoactive details panel or not.
Drag the cue with get(not set) in bp and use set active to play/end.
Add the attentuation to your cue.


A bit late, but there is a node called “Set Audio Listener Override”.
You can obtain it from the Player Controller or cast it.
Here is my node setup:

The only problem for me now is that the spatialization revolves around the character mesh rotation, which is pretty aggressive.
I decided to deactivate the attenuation (spatialization) and it fixed it!

Hope it helps!