How can I make sure that sight perception is constantly updating information?(tick style)

A question I’ve run into a few times is how can I make sure that my sight perception component is constantly being updated or updating information. I’ve been curious about this too and how to properly get that data.

I’ll provide some configurations that yield the same result. alt text

Here we can see that we do not update the log on the position change

same results with the the other configuration

I just kinda wanna get a good idea how to go about doing this properly? Thank you for your time!

From what I can see this is highly dependent on your specific setup. The red icon over AI’s head for example means AI’s logic is not running, that could be one of the reasons. Depending on setup details spectator could also be getting ignored. It depends. If you can repro the issue in a repro project you can share than I’ll have a look and explain what’s wrong :wink: