How can I make smooth transitions between pawn possessions?

I am attempting to make a smoother transition when calling possess in blueprints to switch controls between different pawns. I have two pawns which I am switching between, and each have a camera attached to it. I want to blend between the two pawns between transitions. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks!

I know about that that blend option, but the problem I am having is that when I actually possess the second pawn the view will still snap to the next camera. Is there a way around this?

SetviewTargetWithBlend (timer 3s ) → Delay 3s → Possess pawn?

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Also you can use timeline to move your camera between two pawns and when its completed, possess new pawn.

This seems to work fine! Thanks a bunch!

Works like a charm…it should have been obvious but it’s not when you have not so much experience in UE4, thx a lot!

BROOOOOOOO , you made my night , this is it , this is the solution