How can I make my world less...square? (video inside)

I have a tutorial level that takes place in the sky. I’d like the player to be able to sky-dive from it eventually (Similar to the Lego Marvel Superhero game.). As you’ll notice, currently I have it just reset the players location if they fall.


I’m far from an expert on level design, but even I know that the cornered ocean that I have going on does not look good. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could make the fall to earth look a bit more realistic? I’ve considered making the world a lot larger than it currently is, and filling that with water so that it meets up with the edge of the skybox, but I’m not sure what kind of effect that might have on load times.

Appreciate any advice you could offer!

It shouldnt affect the performance in a big way when you just scale up the water plane, but it also depends on how you made the water shader -> if you use tessellation :slight_smile:

I personally would add some more dense clouds + probably add some birds. Also make sure to add a heightfog so that you block the players view over the distance