How can I make my weapon visible?

So i have been trying to add my own weapon to the third person blueprint template i have been following this guide Shooter Game Tutorial: Content - i have done everything to the T but its not working. the guns is a skeleton mesh which shouldn’t make a difference. i just have to switch static mesh for skeleton mesh in the blue print. and it wont show. so i imported it as a static mesh as well an its still not showing. So im stuck on why its not showing. i have deleted an re-added the sockets in as well. im trying to set it up so that i can have multiple weapons for a third person shooter. My character an an my shooting sound effects work great off set is fine im just at a loss as to why my gun is not showing. any help on this would be great.

hope i dont get banned for this but bump… really need some help on this cause i cant figure out anyway to get this to work correctly.

Would you be able to post a screenshot of your blueprint graph for the weapon?

The main set up according to the tutorial.

This is what it says to call the function.

as you can see no weapon shows. Now this is using the third person blueprint. so atm im just confused to as why is it not showing. as it works fine in the tutorial.

Ok i fixed it after 2 days of screwing around with it. in order for me to get it to show in game i had to add the rifle as a child actor component so now it shows up. in order to add a child actor competent for those of you who might need to know. make a new blueprint hit the component tab on the blue print screen add a static or skeleton mesh depending on what your trying to add from the add component drop down an just drag an drop your mesh into the viewer. After that just compile save an drag an drop the Blueprint into your my character blue print an that will auto make a child actor component. an as for tutorial link i posted above just follow that but replace the set static and or set skeleton mesh nodes with your child actor component node an connect the main out puts like normal an connect the return to the target of attach to. by doing this you wont need a weapon type mesh node. so u can delete that. well anyways rthats what worked for me.

hope this helps some one else down the road.