How can i make my player' ship move forward according to it's current rotation?

Hello, i’m kinda new to Unreal and i’m currently trying to make a ship move forward according to it’s current rotation.
The ship is a player Pawn and i’m really not sure how to do this.

Hi man,
In your ship, use the node “get actor forward”
get the ship " actor world location"
Sum these two togheter and assign the new location.

This will move the ship toward the forward for 1 unit of unreal.
To move faster multiply the forward for a float and then add it.

If your ship is not correctly aligned with the forward,
you can get the forward of the mesh too,
use "get right vector " to get the right
For left and back, multiply the vector for -1

Is this physics based?
get forward vector, normalize and multiply by a float and use to add force (float will be very big 10 million? maybe)
You could also subtract the rudder forward vector to get turning moment
Paul G

I suggest you try using Floating Pawn Movement Component and Get Actor’s Forward Vector as the Direction.

What others said, get actor forward vector. Also if it’s a boat look into adding buoyancy component.