How can i make my own animation such a cover behing the wall?

You can make animations in 3d program and export it to ue4.
I recommend you to use blender, it is very good and it is free.
If you don’t know a lot about 3d modeling and animating start with some basic youtube tutorials.

Tutorials about animations in Blender:

And here is tutorial how to export animation to ue4:

I want to make some animation for my project but I’m still doesn’t understand after I saw the tutorial I need to make the animation by my self such a cover in the wall or object
can someone guide me ?

thnk u very much sir :wink:

No problem ,feel free to ask anything that you don’t understand.


so If I use makehuman it will be do the same thing ?

No. Make Human gives you the Human Mesh with the option of adding a rig to it. Animations will need to be done by you inside of Blender. There are ways to achieve MOCAP by using a Make Human model and Blender but I have tried this and have had zero luck getting the desired results. It will take some time, practice and patience but keep at it and you can get some decent animations.

Tutorial for rigging in blender:

I agree that Blender is your best and cheapest route. However, if this is a game you hope to put into distribution then I would suggest buying some mocap animations. Animating by hand is very difficult to get it to look good and is very very time consuming which takes you away from development. However for just prototyping, you can make a simple one in Blender.

What I do for my prototype is import a mesh and the UE4 skeleton from Make Human into blender (doesn’t matter what mesh looks like) then build my animations and export just the animations (no skeleton or mesh) into UE4 as an .fbx