How can I make my line trace go beyond the mouse cursor?

I’ve been messing with some vectors recently because I am horrible doing operation with them, so I’ve been trying to improve, but I’m having trouble with a basic problem.
I wanted to make a setup where a line trace would begin from my character and end at my mouse pointer:

And it worked well (for some reason my mouse pointer didn’t show up in the screenshot, but it is located right at that red circle):
The thing is, I want to make the line go beyond my cursor, not stop at it (just like the black line), but I’m not exactly sure how to do it.
I tried multiplying the point where my trace ends by some value to extend it, but that doesn’t work, probably because the mouse location is relative to the world and not my pawn,
so the result is messed up.
For instance, multiplying the hit result location by 300.0:

(my mouse pointer is roughly at the black circle).

What’s the best way of doing it? Thanks!

Multiply Vector… Cursor location * Vector

Use the “get unit direction” node. use your pawn location as A and mouse hit location as B. then you can multiply this unit vector by a float distance you like, and add the result to your pawn’s location to get the final endpoint.

Muliply the vector