How can i make my emitter rotation change according to the surface it spawns on?

Hey guys.

I am currently trying to make a spell that bursts from the surface of where i aim.
So far i have managed to make it spawn wherever i aim using line tracing but it doesnt take into account what kind of surface it hits. This means that whenever i shoot the floor it works just fine and the emitter is orientated correctly but should i shoot a wall the emitter doesnt line up (see picture).

any ideas of how i can implement orientation of the spawn location so that my emitter lines up correctly?

Ok a little update i now know it has something to do with the emitter itself and not how i use line tracing.

Its currently locked to the Z axis so that the circle is always orientated the way you see in the picture.
Problem is that should i unlock it it will always face the camera which is not the intention either.