How can I make My character Rotate while Moving

Hello, I studied Unreal Engine 4 a week
and I have some problem with movement

First, I am developing a top? view action game. such as Diablo3(For Example)

But Input is based WASD, not mouse click as Diablo

My problem is

when I push D, my Character sees Right, and goes Right. It’s normal.


when I Push A, my Character Still sees Right, and goes Left. It’s owkward.

how can i solve this problem?

if that turning(seeing) is done by an animation then you need to mirror your animation to use for looking left

If its a 3D game you simply could rotate the character by 180 degree (90/-90 for up/down) after pressing the corrisponding Directionkey. This would not mirror you animation, it would look different from side to side, but how different depends on the animation you have.
If its just a simple walking animation (left foot then right food forward) it would mirror it 99% (right food then left food forward), with the difference, that the right food would be on the other side, making it more realistic (only noticable if the Character looks different on one side).

And if you can give him wearables like armor that is shown on the Character and is not symmetrical (left shoulder with spikes, right without) it would show it only on the right side, while mirroring the Character would make him have Spikes on both sides, or on none.

Also mirroring only the animation would resuld in the charakter maybe raising the arm through the armor that is not there on the other side, so you would have always to consider this while adding new armor and animations, making it basically double the work (4 times with up and down).

I hope this Helps you.


What Lexyth said should be enough, in case you still need more help, basically you just need to use “Set Actor Rotation” to increase/decrease the rotation of the character when some movement key is pressed instead of just changing the speed of the character, also i will recommend you what some videos of the “twin stick shooter tutorial” from unreal, you will basically find a “how to make a Top view action game” you can just remove the guns and add some swords if you want a diablo like game.

specifically in this video he makes the character walks and rotate:

Wow Thanks!. It solved!!! I really appreciate. Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Well… I used the animation and modeling from the Unreal Engine4 tutorial. But I solved watching tutorial from the site address that include in my question’s answer.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: