How can I make my character move step by step? (Button for left step, button for right step.)

I’m trying to test a mechanic where the player has to press one button for a left step, and then right button for a right step. So for them to run they will have to alternate between pressing these buttons in succession, and it won’t let them keep moving if they are only pressing one of the buttons.

Here is what I have so far. I made a Boolean for the correct step. If it is true, than they can take a left step, and if it is false they can take a right step. After each step it switches to the other value. That all works fine and dandy, but it is clear that Add Movement Input isn’t the right action I should be using.

I just went into a Third Person template to test it out, so I just added this into the ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint.

You’re probably going to need to use root motion animations for the left and right step, that way the forward movement is controlled by animation and not by code.