How can I make my Character always face another Character?

Find Look at Rotation node:

PS: it will turn in all 3 axis.

I am trying to make my character always face another character. How can I achieve this?

Thank you for your fast reply!
It solved my problem, but know I have the next question xD!
I am trying to move in the direction I am facing with WASD!

What exactly do you mean WASD? Strafing and such? Like this

But if you just want the yaw, then:

Are you using the third person character template?

  • If yes, then before locking into a target, you must set it up. Get the animations, set a 2d blendspace, and the rest. If you have doubts on how set the animation BP, the blendspace and the rest, check the twin stick shooter tutorial BP Twin Stick Shooter
  • If not, then can your player strafe right now? Does he have the required animations? Are the animation BP and the character BP ready?

Yeah that’s exactly what I meant, but without like unlocking the facing thing like jumping away from him!

Are you using the third person template?

If yes, then you first need to have strafe animations, a 2d blendspace and more.

If no, is your character strafing now?

Only then, you can do what you want.

I only got it to worked in a Level Blueprint, because I think I cant get the Variable for Target to work…