How can I make it so that when a ball is rolled onto the trigger box a door opens?

I am new to using unreal engine so I am struggling to do this. I want it so that when the character rolls the ball into the trigger box a door opens but I have only been able to make it work when the player enters the trigger box.

Set up an on overlap event in the blueprint for either the ball or the trigger box. If you don’t have a blueprint based off one of those, make one by right clicking in the content browser. Get overlap actors, filter by the class of the either the ball or the trigger; whatever is the item being overlapped with the blueprint. Set a variable, saying the overlap has occurred. It makes sense do the overlap events in the trigger BP though, since you’d be able to control a multitude of items overlapping IT.

From the blueprint of your door, or from the level BP, cast to the blueprint with the overlap event and get the variable. Set that variable to activate or deactivate the door.

You’ll also wanna add an on end overlap to set the same variable to the opposite value, so when the balls leaves the area, the door will close. Unless you are just wanting it to stay open from the first time :slight_smile:

Let me know if that helps you out.