How can I make "go to position" lines similiar to those from RTS games

Hello all

how can I make “go to position” lines similiar to those from RTS games ? Like those:

thanks in advance :wink:

Its going to involve a lot of vector math and probably an actor class with a 3d widget. 3d widgets will be your friend for the waypoints. Getting the unit to move to those points will be easy. Drawing the lines will be harder.

Blueprints? Is your camera moveable/rotatable/zoomable or stuck to that 1 single view?

Hi Nsomnia,

I know my math, that is no problem. Also my units already move to those locations, I just need to visualise this path. My camera angle stays always the same (viewing always from top), user can pan it and zoom it.

You are proposing to use 3d widgets to visualise points yes? What about drawing lines ?

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Without C++ all I can think of us getting the world location of the two points, or getDistanceBetweenActors(point1, point2) and then taking a 3d widget actor and spawning it in the center, or at 1 with its pivot point set to 0,0 and then scaling it in the vector towards point2.

Its a little over my head, it would just take alot of experimentation but yes, especially with 4.9s new widget depth fixes 3D widgets is how this is done in pro RTS games.


I think I unerstand You. Btw this is C++ project. I will give it a try. Thanks :wink: