How can I make disappear a box when a projectile hit this box?

Hi! I’m Marta and I’m totally newbie in this software. Actually, I’m studying Audiovisual design in Barcelona but I have a subject which I’m learning a bit of ue4.

The thing is… I want a box (or something) that disappears when a projectile hits the box.

I know how to make disappear a box with a trigger when the character is near, but I don’t know how to attach the concept of make something disappear to the projectile.

Any advise of how I can approach this would be helpful, thx

And sorry for my english I’m Spanish


You can applay DestroyActror to your objects.

I use First Person Template for example.

1 Create FP project.

2 Select all cube objects in scene and add Tag “Destroy”

3 Open FirstPersonProjectile blueprint

4 Add these nodes

THANKS!! You saved my life haha. I know that these questions are ridiculous but I’m learning…

Thanks a lot!!!

1 question more! If u let me… hehe Do you Know how to spawn an infinite number of boxes on a random area ??

For a quick example, begin with first person shooter template.
The projectile blueprint has a spherical collision component, so you can use the On it event.
In this template the effect of hitting something is adding a force

if you want to destroy the actor instead, you can call the Destroy Actor function applied to the ‘Other’ pin on the Hit Event.
This would destroy ANY actor it touches, and as this is not what we want to do
I would suggest that you make a new blueprint with ‘Destructible Actor’ as parent, and name it something unoriginal like ‘DestructibleBox’. Then add a static mesh component and set it to 1M_Cube (or anything that makes you happy).
Tick ‘simulate physics’ for the static mesh so it can fall to the ground if you spawn it in mid air, and drag some of them on the level map.

If we play the game, they should react just like the normal ones, because no logic has been implemented yet.
To destroy only the destructable actors with our projectiles we must do something like this:

(notice that now the pin used from Event Hit is ‘Other’ and not ‘Other Comp.’)
With this, if our projectile hits an actor, it will first check if it is destructible, and if so destroy it, and after any result self-destruct.

Here, some before-after pics

Hope to be useful

This was great and worked great for objects created in UE4 but I cannot seem to get it to work with object I have imported with Datasmith. Any help is greatly appreciated!