How can I make different layers of audio play based on items picked up?

I have a level with 5 pickups placed throughout it and I want the audio to become more intense with each pickup, does anyone know how i can do this in the blueprints?

Thank you.


I made a little mini video tutorial for you and actually created your feature request.

I hope it is a help (I apologize for my bad english skills :slight_smile: ).

PS: Please post your question in the right forum section next time (Blueprint visual scripting forum). I don’t mind it, but you would probably get more help there :).

omg thats perfect thank you!

There is also one other thing I was looking for which you might be able to help me with?

I have an enemy in the level which chases you and I want it to get faster with each pick up (kind of like slender), can you do this in a similar way?

This is for my university project so I really appreciate the help <3

Yes in fact you can.

  1. In the “Get all actor from class”, you choose your AI (the character BP the AI is using).
  2. In the “Float + float” box you type in the speed you will add to your existing speed.

It is still all contained in the pickup blueprint, so you don’t have to mess around in your character BPs :).

Good luck with your university project.


That is perfect thank you, I have one problem though, from the first video my ambient sound isn’t increasing in volume, could I see a screenshot of the audio set up that you used? Mine is under ambient sound but is not increasing.

That is strange. I just dragged my wave file into the editor and it worked. I now have tested it with a sound cue without any problem.

I didn’t change much. I just set the music to loop, reduced the max concurrent sounds to 1 and decreased the volume a lot. Didn’t want to blow my ears out :).

Are your objects being destroyed, when you walk over them? If they aren’t, then it can have something to do with your collision setup.

No everything is working perfectly now thank you, I do have a couple more questions though could I possibly get an email address for you or something like that, I would really appreciate the help.

Glad to hear. I will PM you my mail address.