How can I make destructible mesh chunks disappear?

I want that when I destroy a destructible mesh the chunks that came of disappear after X amount of seconds, is there some way to do this?

After about 1k chunks and a bunch of particles everything starts to lag, so this isn’t good for the end user.

Hi MrGoatsy,

You can do this by enabling Debris in the flags for your DM. Then set the Debris Depth. To control how long it takes for chunks to disappear set the Debris Min and Max lifetime values. This will use an average of the two values to make the chunks disappear. So if you don’t have a support depth set the chunks will all disappear at the same time, which is intended.

You can also try using Crumble Smallest Chunks. This will make it so that if a chunk receives a large enough damage it will just destroy the chunk. You can assign a Particle System and then when these chunks are destroyed they will spawn the particle.

Also, have a look at our Destructible Troubleshooting and Tips wiki. This has a lot of common questions on here. These two are not on there, but there is plenty of other helpful information. :slight_smile:

Thank you!


I found an interesting way to achieve an interesting visual (for my project anyway it may not be applicable for yours) vs. having them just disappear. I had a small delay (2.5 seconds or so) after the chunks hit the ground then changed the collision to ignore world static and the pieces would then drop through the floor/be absorbed and then with another delay (.5 seconds or so after that) I Destroyed the actor.

Using a similar flow, instead of changing the collision settings via blueprint you could also activate a particle system to distract the viewer (cloud of dust/smoke) and while they are hidden from the particles destroy the chunks.

Hey. I know it has been a long while, but could you possibly show how you have done this on the blueprint?

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Hi @Mattichirou Here’s the node you need: