How can I make(chained) physics constraints stronger?

Hello,I am working on a physics sandbox game and, the blocks are connected with physics constraints, but the problem is that the constraints are not strong enough to keep them all in place(when using multiple connections its starts to bend). I messed around with the settings for hours but I cant find a good solution. Does somebody know how to fix my problem?
I added some images of my constrain settings.

As far as I can tell, it’s an innate limitation of PhysX - Kerbal Space Program had the same problem (they called it “bananification” or something). I can see only four solutions to your problem:

  1. Instead of joining your objects in a chain, unless it’s absolutely needed to be in a chain, joint them with the central item. Pros: stable. Cons: limiting.

  2. Add a tick event that specifically forces your objects to move to the location they’re supposed to be. Pros: Reinforces your setup. Cons: Tick-heavy, need to figure out the maths of the motion you want to have.

  3. Obtain a new physics engine. Pros: will fix your problem without sacrificing anything else. Cons: May cost money. May force you to redo a lot of things. May also need work to implement within Unreal.

  4. Code an element that will make it do what you want it to do. Pros: Very powerful, is guaranteed to fix your issue. Cons: Lots of effort, and a large time investment.

Thanks for your comment, My apologies for the slow response, I was on holiday.

I will give these options a try in the upcoming weeks.

Increase the mass of the elements and it should become more stable. Also, make sure that you don’t have a big mass difference between the objects that are connected.