How Can I Make Certain Aspects of my Game Multiplayer Compatible?

Hello! I’m quite lost when it comes to making my game multiplayer compatible. For example: I use a aim offset for my player which allows the character to aim wherever he pleases.
But when testing this with 2 or more players, they look in the same direction. This also causes the bullets to not shoot in the right direction and generally makes killing others impossible. This happens for every character by the way, not just the first player.

Another example is with animations. I have a ‘power on and off’ animation for my mech. For testing purposes, you activate and deactivate the mech by pressing the J key which plays the appropriate animation. Pretty simple.
However, when I test this with 2 players, the ‘power on’ animation doesn’t play for the 2nd player and leaves the 2nd player looking at a unpowered mech sliding on the ground. It has the same effect with the bullets in the previous example.

With those examples out of the way, how do I make my game multiplayer compatible?

if variable A causes B to happen . in order to have B on server and other clients. you need to replicate A to all of other clients and server.

I’m not sure how to replicate A to all clients and servers. If you don’t mind, could you please explain it in detail and/or provide screenshots? I have very little understanding when it comes to servers, sorry.

its a complex issue. search for variable replication and function replication.

Okay… I’ll just see what I can do or see if anybody else has this issue resolved.